Creating New Traditions

Celebrating my daughter’s first Christmas makes this holiday extra special for me. I’m reminded of memories from childhood, and traditions shared with my family. We baked cookies with Grandma and decorated the tree with sparkling lights. We watched movies like Rudolph and A Christmas Story in our pajamas until the fire in the fireplace burned out.

Family traditions create the magic of Christmas. With this in mind, I’m creating my own magic and starting a new tradition that my daughter will remember for years to come–a tradition of giving. While there are many ways for me to show her this, here are a few ideas I wanted to share with you!

Redefine Christmas

Redefine Christmas is a movement to change the way we give gifts. Instead of giving in to the pressure of buying a tangible gift with little meaning (another scented candle, bath product or belt?), it suggests you redirect your spending to charity. The thinking is that small changes in the way we give during the holidays – made by many, many caring people – can have a big impact in our world. Helping us all recapture the joy of the holiday season. (JustGive is proud to partner with this movement to spread the message of charity.)

Check out the public display of the Redefine Christmas message on Black Friday at a Connecticut shopping mall.


Just 51 Bucks

The Just 51 Bucks Challenge issued by JustGive and several competitors asks you to invest $51 — 10 percent of what the average consumer will spend this holiday — on a Charity Gift Card instead of the conventional “stuff.” With Just 51 Bucks, everyone wins.

Your holiday gifts make a lasting difference while your shopping is easier. GiveNow Charity Gift Cards only take a few minutes to personalize and send to your recipient. It’s a meaningful gift for friends, family, co-workers, and more. Happiness doubled: you give and they select the charity to support.

At a time when so many non-profit organizations are struggling to survive, giving charity gift cards can certainly help them—and, at the same time, give you a new holiday tradition.


Join me in creating your own new tradition! Redefine your Christmas, join the Just 51 Bucks Challenge, and make gift giving matter for more this year.

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Celebrate the spirit of the season

The Holidays are here!

The holiday season bring the challenge of finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  We’ve all known the stress of running around the mall with crowded stores and empty shelves. We buy scented candles, and power tools, and this year’s latest toy, wondering if it really expresses what we want to say.

What if you could easily find a gift that perfectly reflected your friends’ and family members’ passions and helped make the world a better place?

Now you can: Redefine Christmas!

Redefine Christmas is a simple idea with an amazing impact.  What if we replace just a few of the less meaningful gifts we give with donations to charities?  The effect would be extraordinary.

JustGive makes it easy to celebrate the spirit of the season

Create a new holiday tradition among friends and family this year. Instead of another meaningless stocking stuffer or trinket for the office party, you can give hope to those in need for as little as $10.

  • GiveNow cards Instead of a Gift Card from the mall, how about a Gift Card for the world? Choose from several festive e-card designs featuring Christmas and Chanukah. Or select a traditional card that can be mailed to your recipient. GiveNow cards include your personal message and can be redeemed for any of nearly 1.5 charities working throughout the world.
  • Gift Donations Do you know someone who volunteers for or regularly contributes to a specific charity? Make a donation through JustGive, and we will send them an email with your personal message saying a donation was made in their honor and name. Have a loved one that doesn’t have email? That’s okay, you can print their gift message and give it to them.
  • Gift Collections Is your aunt passionate about environmental causes, while your dad leans toward hunger issues? Does your officemate love children? A Gift Collection (“basket”) of four charities is a perfect way to introduce them to more charities that work in the areas they care about most.
  • Gift Registries Give the gift of charity to those you love and ask them to do the same for you. Gift Registries list your favorite charities, and can be personalized with a picture and special message.

Redefine what this holiday means to you. Practice compassion and care with your gifts of charity—putting the giving spirit into meaningful action this holiday.

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