Haiti Relief Update Part II – Nonprofits at Work

Charities creatively, consistently push on

Charities are working hard to provide shelter and guard against death and disease.

Organizations like Mercy Corps are taking creative approaches to solving the problems in Haiti. They teamed up with Mother Jones to help many of the small and medium-sized business that were lost in the earthquake by supporting Haitian entrepreneurs as they reopen their businesses and create much-needed jobs.

Partners In Health reports that last month, four health clinics in Port-au-Prince operated by their partner organization have surpassed 100,000 patient visits since they were first established. The clinics serve four large settlements of displaced survivors of the earthquake. PIH also posted a fascinating series of blogs from workers on the ground.

According to Doctors Without Borders, their teams continue to work to meet changing, but still major medical needsfrom approximately 20 sites and several mobile clinics. “More than one million people are still living in deplorable conditions, beneath tents or plastic sheeting,” says Stefano Zannini, MSF’s head of mission in Haiti. “In the meantime, the rains are intensifying, flooding the sites where earthquake victims live several times a week.”

The Red Cross raised the largest amount of funds for Haiti earthquake relief. On their update page (http://www.redcross.org/haiti) they have an interactive map that includes markers, photos and video where their network provided aid. These cumulative efforts were made possible by a combination of mobile teams and responders at fixed locations to provide drinking water, relief items, vaccinations and other medical assistance.

Ashoka Ashoka Fellow Daphne Nederhorst wrote about her experience on the ground finding local changemakers in Haiti in her post.

These and other nonprofits working in Haiti still need your help. You can still join the hundreds of individuals who have committed to our Rebuild Haiti Campaign and are leveraging our $25,000 match by becoming a monthly donor now.

Naples High School donors keeps raising money

Our friends at Naples High School STOP Club in Florida continue to raise funds for Haiti. A recent Concert for a Cause generated $2,500 to help fund their monthly donation through JustGive to Partners in Health. Nearly 500 people attended the fundraising event described by Club sponsor Cynthia Odierna as “magical.” It included:

  • More than 150 volunteers—a dozen student organizations, and nearly 15 local businesses and individuals providing everything from sound systems to food.
  • A program packed with talent–the Naples High chorus, solo performances, poetry readings, drum circles, and ethnic dance performances.
  • Booths that sold artwork, posters and calendars, and specially made t-shirts and bookmarks, with all proceeds benefiting the cause..

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Club co-president, Carmella Zabala, described the drum circle as so powerful that the crowd began dancing and chanting “Haiti, Haiti.”

While this was his first involvement in raising money for Haiti and he needed convincing to participate, Naples High senior, Taylor Allen, said what he learned about the work of Partners in Health made him an enthusiastic supporter. “I discovered a model of International Aid I believe in and an organization I can really support,” he commented.

Help is still needed

There are average people across the world making an extraordinary impact for Haiti. The Naples High students are just one story that demonstrates how determination and dedication can make a meaningful difference. Join them now by becoming a monthly donor and JustGive will match 50 cents of every dollar you donate. Show Haiti and its residents that while their story may have dropped from media headlines, they are not forgotten.

JustGive Gives Back – Haiti Relief and Recovery

Haiti Relief and Recovery

If the energy generated by the earthquake in Haiti was larger than that of an atomic bomb, as earthquake expert Anne Kiremidjian wrote on CNN.com, then the country will need at least three-times as much human energy to rebuild the country.

It’s been two weeks since the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and just now news reports show that things are starting to change for the better. Stores and markets are rising from the rubble; Haitian people are helping their neighbors. The spirit of the Haitian people coupled with the work of aid groups has helped return some sense of normalcy to everyday life. But that’s just a start; there’s so much to do.

Giving for their future
I am in awe of the outpouring of support to stem the crisis in Haiti. JustGive donors alone gave more than $3.1 million in the first week and a half after the earthquake. Those funds helped send much needed emergency supplies and aid to the country. But to ensure rebuilding efforts for the long haul, Haiti recovery organizations need funding for many years. That’s what motivated the Board and Staff of JustGive to do something big.

We have pledged $25,000 of our own money in a matching campaign to help spur long-term giving to nonprofits working to empower the Haitian people and restore the country. For every monthly recurring gift you make through JustGive to a charity working to rebuild Haiti, we will match 50 cents of every dollar donated until we use the $25,000 fund. The match applies for up to $500 per donor each month (so we can make the money go farther and gifts matter more). For details and qualifying charities, visit our Haiti Relief and Recovery page.

The country’s recovery will come through groups like Partners In Health (PIH).

PIH has provided vital health care services in Haiti for more than 20 years and is one of the largest health care providers in the country, working with the Haitian Ministry of Health to deliver comprehensive health care services. Along with their ongoing work to tend to the overwhelming health needs of the people of Haiti, they are already working to rebuild the healthcare infrastructure in the country, as this PBS NewsHour reports.

Building a New Haiti
As you watch the devastation and the personal toll the earthquake caused, it’s difficult to think of opportunity. Yet, that’s exactly why we’re taking the bold step of our $25,000 matching campaign at this point. We want to ensure there is money available when coordinated rebuilding efforts can make the needed impact on the ground.

Organizations like Build Change – which designs earthquake-resistant houses for developing countries and trains locals to build them –will be the second wave of changemakers in Haiti. As Build Change’s founder Elizabeth Hausler described on the Ashoka Tech Podcast: “It’s a huge opportunity to move forward with…a reconstruction that leaves the population in better condition than before the earthquake.”

According to Build Change, after a major earthquake in a developing country, agencies typically build masses of houses that are not always culturally appropriate and sustainable in the local construction sector. Build Change creates a local skills base by training and empowering the victims of tragedy to rebuild themselves, all while stimulating local demand.

In my mind that’s just what Haiti needs. Organizations ready to tap into the indomitable drive of the Haitian people. With your long-term help, we may have found a spark for all the human energy Haiti requires to rebuild.

For more than 60 charities working to help Haiti rebuild that could use your help, see our Haiti Relief and Recovery Page. And pass the word along to your friends and family—together, we can power hope and change for Haiti’s future.

-Grant La Rouche, Director of Marketing