GreatNonprofits’ NEW Giving Basket

About the author: Aimen Barma of GreatNonprofits, has more than 25 years experience in product management and marketing executive. She has served in CXO,VP or consulting roles for Fortune 500 brands and Innovative technology start ups, such as Microsoft, eBay, PayPal,and many others. By now, you’ve fought the crowds on Black Friday and worked your fingers to … Continue reading GreatNonprofits’ NEW Giving Basket

Tips For A Mobile-Friendly Site

“Mobile first” That’s been the mantra for many tech companies in the last several years. With Google's recent announcement that it will favor mobile-friendly websites in search results, this mindset is even more important for every organization with a website. Mobile use and the difference it makes Stats clearly back up increased mobile use too. … Continue reading Tips For A Mobile-Friendly Site