Giving From Your Heart

Follow your heart. Listen to your heart. Your heart knows the way. There are a lot of clichés that encourage you to be guided by what you feel and take action based on what you believe in your heart. And in this National Heart Month, rather than focus on physical heart health, let’s talk about … Continue reading Giving From Your Heart

Mother’s Day – Musings on the Meaning of Mothering

image source: flickr As a child (and an only child, at that) I was frequently jealous of the attention, love and mothering my mom would give to other children in our community. Working individually with kids at my elementary school (and later on in her long career in the juvenile justice system), my mom focused … Continue reading Mother’s Day – Musings on the Meaning of Mothering

A Gift from the Heart

Mother’s Day is a time when we look at the mothers in our life, appreciate all that they do for us, and try to give something back to them. Turning 30 this year made me realize I have been giving funny little gifts to my mother and grandmother over the years. Not only is it … Continue reading A Gift from the Heart