The Guy Who Has Everything

My Dad has everything. A tie (one).  It has The Beatles on it, naturally. He wears it anytime he needs to wear a tie, which isn't often due to a carefully planned career of self-employment, entrepreneurism and a California lifestyle. Geeky Dad sandals that he appropriately pairs with socks and a Hawaiian shirt.  “It’s special," … Continue reading The Guy Who Has Everything

Rethinking holiday gifts

Tonight, I’ll tell my one-month-old baby that I’m giving him a baseball stadium for Christmas. I figured this out at 3:30 in the morning when his cries made me appreciate the small conveniences of life. Take our bottle warmer: The process to heat a baby’s bottle is not really difficult, but in the early hours … Continue reading Rethinking holiday gifts

Honoring the Legacy. Fulfilling the Dream.

Martin Luther King. Rosa Parks. Harriett Tubman. Jackie Robinson. We recognize their names and contributions to history quickly. During Black History Month we celebrate the progress they made possible for so many. This year, the inauguration of the first African American U.S. president, reminds us that progress doesn't live in the past, but in our … Continue reading Honoring the Legacy. Fulfilling the Dream.