Thanks to your giving and support, JustGive expanded philanthropy and sent more than $30 million to charity in 2014! We passed a major milestone in May, processing our 1 millionth donation, and are proud that 24 percent of giving came from 2013 donors returning to use the site. We also saw charity gift card purchases … Continue reading YEAR IN REVIEW: A LOOK BACK AT 2014

Mother’s Day – Musings on the Meaning of Mothering

image source: flickr As a child (and an only child, at that) I was frequently jealous of the attention, love and mothering my mom would give to other children in our community. Working individually with kids at my elementary school (and later on in her long career in the juvenile justice system), my mom focused … Continue reading Mother’s Day – Musings on the Meaning of Mothering

The Guy Who Has Everything

My Dad has everything. A tie (one).  It has The Beatles on it, naturally. He wears it anytime he needs to wear a tie, which isn't often due to a carefully planned career of self-employment, entrepreneurism and a California lifestyle. Geeky Dad sandals that he appropriately pairs with socks and a Hawaiian shirt.  “It’s special," … Continue reading The Guy Who Has Everything

A Gift from the Heart

Mother’s Day is a time when we look at the mothers in our life, appreciate all that they do for us, and try to give something back to them. Turning 30 this year made me realize I have been giving funny little gifts to my mother and grandmother over the years. Not only is it … Continue reading A Gift from the Heart

Share the Love

I’ve celebrated Valentines Day many ways – from quiet nights at home with take-out and chick-flicks, to roses and fancy dinners with reservations made weeks in advance. Most years I felt a twinge of regret after the flowers wilted and the dinner bill was paid. So last year I gave homemade gifts. From heart-shaped cat … Continue reading Share the Love

Celebrating & Honoring Grandparents Day

My grandmother is 104 years old. She’s actually in wonderful health, though she lost most of her hearing years ago. This may be a blessing when all 10 great-grandchildren are running around creating chaos. She loves to play Scrabble™, work a crossword puzzle or read a good book. What she loves most of all is … Continue reading Celebrating & Honoring Grandparents Day

11,000 people celebrate a birthday every day in the US

Mine is next month. Instead of an expensive dinner and flowers, or jewelry that will sit in a box, when friends and family ask, “What can we give you this year?” I tell them what I really want are GiveNow charity gift cards. Gift cards give me the freedom to choose the charities I want. … Continue reading 11,000 people celebrate a birthday every day in the US