Nonprofit Spotlight: Ipswich River Watershed Association

The Ipswich River Watershed Association (IRWA) is the voice of the river—a group of people helping make sure there is enough clean water for the 350,000 people and businesses in 14 communities on the North Shore of Massachusetts, protecting nature, and providing great ways to have fun outdoors. It takes a team to care for such … Continue reading Nonprofit Spotlight: Ipswich River Watershed Association

Nonprofit Spotlight: Bubble Foundation

At first blush, the Bubble Foundation seems like an unusual name for an organization that helps kids live healthy and happy lives, but then again…. Not wanting to pigeonhole their holistic efforts or be heavy handed about wellness, the name was chosen to keep it fun and focused on kids. Funders ask about our name, … Continue reading Nonprofit Spotlight: Bubble Foundation


Thanks to your giving and support, JustGive expanded philanthropy and sent more than $30 million to charity in 2014! We passed a major milestone in May, processing our 1 millionth donation, and are proud that 24 percent of giving came from 2013 donors returning to use the site. We also saw charity gift card purchases … Continue reading YEAR IN REVIEW: A LOOK BACK AT 2014

Hunger and Food Justice: Community Building for Food Equality

Hunger: it’s a daunting problem the world over. Even though I was eager to research and write on this topic, when I started to dig into it, I got more and more overwhelmed with how broad and profound the issue is. The stark facts saddened and discouraged me. In the United States, almost half of … Continue reading Hunger and Food Justice: Community Building for Food Equality

Planting trees with money?

The old adage says, “money doesn’t grow on trees.” We all learned that the hard way and the new question for today’s generation is: “How do we make trees grow with money?” Over the past couple years the environment has jumped to the top of the list of global concerns along with world hunger, HIV/AIDS and … Continue reading Planting trees with money?

Celebrating & Honoring Grandparents Day

My grandmother is 104 years old. She’s actually in wonderful health, though she lost most of her hearing years ago. This may be a blessing when all 10 great-grandchildren are running around creating chaos. She loves to play Scrabble™, work a crossword puzzle or read a good book. What she loves most of all is … Continue reading Celebrating & Honoring Grandparents Day

Giving Green on Earth Day

Forty years ago today, we celebrated our first Earth Day. Approximately 20 million Americans from all walks of life joined together to honor our planet. Whether your connection to nature is as an angler in the great outdoors or a community gardener in a dedicated urban space, Earth Day is about thinking of the small—and … Continue reading Giving Green on Earth Day

One Day. Thousands of Blogs. A World of Difference.

JustGive is excited to take part in Blog Action Day 2009! For one day nearly 7,000 blogs, with more than 11 million readers in 130 countries will write about a single issue—Climate Change. The goal? Raise awareness for an issue that has global importance. Imagine the difference 11 million people can make. Act locally! Find … Continue reading One Day. Thousands of Blogs. A World of Difference.