What Programs and Products does JustGive Offer for Companies?


JustGive’s Corporate Services

For company giving programs, United Way may pop to mind first. But there are many options and flexible partners, like JustGive, with the experience and expertise to help your business make an impact with philanthropy.

people_jumping_29365278.jpgWhether you’re a large corporation or small business, JustGive offers a variety of products to incorporate charitable giving into your business . . .  and, at the same time, engage employees and customers. Making things better for your company, your community, and the world.

Here’s a short description of what JustGive can do for your company.

What programs and products does JustGive offer for companies?

JustGive can help your company launch a donation campaign or giving day for a specific charity or cause, or a long-term charitable giving program that encourages philanthropy year round (including matching gifts).

We can also provide donation support and processing if you have an existing giving program or if you’re a new company with a social impact purpose. JustGive takes care of compliance and efficiently distributes donations to charity for you.

woman_casual_business_25401351.jpgJustGive’s charity gift cards are a great way for your company to give employees and customers something extra: the chance to make a difference for a cause they care about. They’re flexible, and ideal as holiday or thank you gifts, traffic-generating tradeshow giveaways, rewards and incentives, or distinctive sales meeting swag. Your recipients can redeem the charity gift cards to donate to any charity they choose (from nearly 2 million in our database).

Get more detail about all our Corporate Services on our site and read our Success Stories to discover how other companies have effectively used JustGive’s charitable giving products.

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-Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

Cisco gives back with JustGive’s help

More than 340 Cisco employees donated money and more than 743 hours of time to support the 2014 Global Hunger Relief Campaign in India.
More than 340 Cisco employees donated money and more than 743 hours of time to support the 2014 Global Hunger Relief Campaign in India.

When it comes to corporate social responsibility, Cisco Systems, headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, takes their role in the community and employee giving seriously.

Since 2009, Cisco has partnered with JustGive to ensure that the donation dollars and volunteer hour donations from their employees reach the charities they care most about.

Donation support and processing

Cisco has more than 70,000 employees worldwide and powers platforms to help them engage in charitable giving. The company invested in a Salesforce platform that enables Cisco employees to donate to charity and request matching for those donations as well as track their volunteer hours with organizations, which the company also matches.

Getting the money to the charities is where JustGive comes in. Using our donation support and processing product, donations made by Cisco employees are received through our Donor Advised Fund (DAF). JustGive then disburses those funds to recipient charities, relieving Cisco of having to create their own nonprofit to process donations.

Volunteer hours matching

Cisco employees also volunteer in their local communities, dedicating many hours to organizations that address poverty, hunger, veterans’ needs and other causes around the world. For every hour an employee spends on volunteer work, Cisco matches it with a donation to the charity. JustGive is a key component to make sure the donations from volunteer hours reach the specific charities for Cisco employees.

“Since we started working with JustGive, we’ve supported over 3,000 U.S.-based schools and charities, and JustGive has helped Cisco employees and the Cisco Foundation provide almost $50M in donations and matching gifts,” said Julie Rose, head of Cisco’s matching gifts program in the United States.

Rewarding service with charity gift cards

Cisco also uses our GiveNow Charity Gift Cards for employee service rewards in the U.S. and Canada. Employees receive a gift card ranging from $50 to $500 as thanks for their years of service to the company. They redeem their gift card on a Cisco-branded website—powered by JustGive—to donate to any charity or school approved for the program.

cisco_logo“Feedback has been great from employees who are able to select a JustGive charity gift card. They appreciate the option to donate to charity instead of receiving a gift for themselves,” said Racquel Stotomas, a Human Resources Manager at Cisco that runs the employee service awards program.

So the next time you see the Cisco logo, know that the people behind those products are also making a difference with charitable giving around the world.

We’re proud to partner with Cisco to help deliver effective and engaging CSR programs so that employees, with the company’s support, can pay it forward in a variety of ways.

Inspired to improve your CSR efforts? We can help you include philanthropy that supports your goals — just contact us.

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– Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

Charity Gift Cards Thank Employees and Reinforce Company’s Values


Last year, New England BioLabs (NEB) started using JustGive charity gift cards to reward employees and inspire them to embrace philanthropy. They joined the ranks of many companies who use our GiveNow cards in a variety of ways for employees and customers.

NEB was founded in the mid-1970s as a collective of scientists committed to developing innovative products for the life sciences industry. The company is now a recognized world leader in the discovery, development and commercialization of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research.

NEB’s Corporate Controller, Brian Tinger, discovered JustGive while searching for ways to make donations on behalf of employees.

“We needed a partner to help administer the process,” he said.

“The company gives JustGive Charity Gift Cards to each employee at our bonus time to encourage them to embrace philanthropy, which has always been a core value at New England BioLabs,” Tinger told us.

NEB purchases JustGive Charity Gift Cards as downloadable claim codes, and then merges each claim code, its amount and expiration date into its own communication to every employee. Employees simply visit justgive.org to redeem their gift as a donation to a charity of their choice.

The idea to give charity gift cards to employees came after Tinger attended a Harvard lecture, “How to Buy Happiness,” by Michael Norton. (Norton’s also given it as a TED Talk.)

“The point of the lecture was that the act of giving is far more impactful than the act of spending money on yourself,” Tinger said.

He explained, “Our company has always been extremely generous with employee benefits, so we thought providing a charity gift card would be a perfect new concept to introduce to them. Since that time, we have also used JustGive to provide gifts to collaborators who have taken time to assist our company in scientific research and market research.”

Thanks to New England BioLabs for their support of JustGive, and for making philanthropy a part of doing good business.

Want to incorporate JustGive charity gift cards into your employee or customer program? Purchase gift cards online or contact us to find out more about how we can help.

– Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

Charity Gift Cards: Company Gifts with More Meaning


Gift Cards. They’re the ubiquitous, go-to gift in our modern age. They work for the person who has everything, or for that hard-to-gift friend or family member. They’ve even become common rewards in the corporate world for employees and loyal customers.

But what if a gift card could also give back? That’s exactly what our GiveNow charity gift cards do. When you give a JustGive charity gift card to someone, they can redeem it on our site to donate to any charity (more than 1.8 million online). It’s the ultimate pay-it-forward gift.

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr

We’ve helped dozens of companies incorporate charity gift cards into their employee and customer programs. On our site, it’s easy to purchase large quantities of charity gift cards in just a few minutes. You can send them via email to your recipients, or download gift card claim codes and use them into your own communication.

BONUS: Gift card purchases are tax-deductible donations.

You can turn a gift-giving or reward opportunity into one that makes your employees or customers feel good, and empower them to make a difference for causes they care about. Here are several ways companies have done just that.

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr

Work Anniversaries

A major tech company purchases JustGive charity gift cards every month to give to their employees on their annual anniversary with the company. Employees then visit a website we’ve branded with the company’s logo and messaging to redeem the gift card and donate to a charity of their choice.

Gift with Purchase

An online retailer wanted to run a promotion offering a free gift with purchase, but wanted a gift with more meaning than cash back or additional merchandise.

They decided to offer our GiveNow charity gift cards to customers who made an online purchase of $100 or more. As soon as their purchase is completed, the customer receives a gift card claim code in their order email and visits a branded website on justgive.org to redeem it.

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr

Tradeshow Booth Giveaway

Job website Monster was looking for a unique incentive to attract customers to their tradeshow booth. JustGive supplied charity gift cards to hand out at the booth, and designed a branded donation website where attendees could redeem their cards. After entering a unique code, attendees selected a nonprofit to support from an approved group of charities.

Nearly 20,000 people participated and more than $1 million dollars was donated to charity. The program also raised Monster’s brand awareness among its most valuable enterprise customers.

Image Source: Flickr

Client Gifts

A portfolio manager at a large financial institution was looking for a meaningful gift to give to his clients for key milestones in their lives, like the birth of a new baby, a new home purchase or other celebratory moment.

He discovered JustGive charity gift cards and now purchases them in bulk to keep on hand as gift opportunities arise. Clients have reacted positively to the cards and he feels like this gift helps him build stronger relationships.

On-Package Promotion/Giveaway

For its 100th anniversary, Life Savers candy wanted to create a way for its customers to donate online through a Connect for a Cause campaign. JustGive provided claim codes that were printed on Life Savers packaging, and customers visited a Life Savers-branded website to redeem the code for a donation to one of the featured charities in numerous cause areas.

The program ran for 4 months, brought in thousands of donations from Life Savers customers, and raised nearly $60,000 for charity.

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr

Holiday Gifts

SEER Interactive wanted to find something besides the standard gift basket to give clients for the holidays. SEER purchased our charity gift cards, which were personalized with the company’s logo and custom message, and emailed directly to clients. With just a few clicks, they could quickly donate online to their favorite charity through justgive.org.

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from clients, the company now purchases charity gift cards as their meaningful holiday gift every year.

Want to incorporate JustGive charity gift cards into your employee or customer program? Purchase gift cards online or contact us to find out more about how we can help.

– Sarah Bacon, Director of Product

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Your year-end checklist: Resolve to give back starting now

I’ve noticed in recent years that resolutions have become a thing of the past. People don’t want to create unrealistic goals and feel the let down of not living up to their own expectations. Or perhaps they just find it cliché and instead resolve not to resolve.

For me, December 31st is a simple marker in the year where I can stop and reflect on what I have accomplished . . . and what else I hope to do moving forward. This year, I’ve done more writing and photography than ever, moved to a new apartment in San Francisco, and paid off a lot of my dreaded student loans.

But one of the most important things I’d like to do more of next year—especially now that I’m moving out of a “student” lifestyle and into some financial stability—is to give back. So far, I’ve managed to find ways to give here and there: buying charity gift cards, volunteering, and giving a few individual donations. But I haven’t yet made it a part of a personal giving plan.

Ring in the New Year on a positive note…

Join me and create your own giving plan. We can start now, with three steps to finish 2011 right. And we can kick off 2012 with a resolution that feels good all year long:

1. Donate by December 31 – I’m getting in my last donations for 2011 and adding to my charitable deductions for the year. Do the same: Give to your favorite charity, donate in someone’s name, or buy a charity gift card as a New Year’s gift —they choose the cause and you get the deduction.

2. Get it on the Record – JustGive creates a Giving History online for every donor with convenient access to charitable information needed for taxes. I’m able to do all my giving in one place and can easily keep track of it. Whether I’m donating or buying a charity collection, sending a gift card, or making a charity or wedding registry gift, it’s all recorded and stored for me online.

3. Plan to Plan – I want to make a bigger difference with my giving in 2012. By ticking the recurring box on any donation, I can affordably budget my charitable gifts throughout the year. JustGive automatically sends my donation each month . . . and I check ‘charity’ off my resolution list instantly!


Still not sure about how to make charity a part of your own budget in 2012? Visit our Giving Wisely page for more info and things to consider as you develop a plan that works for you and supports the causes you care about.

P.S. Let’s get the buzz going: How do you plan to make a difference with your giving? Which charities do you support and why? Tell your story on Facebook – and we’ll spread the word about the good work being done across the country. 

– Michelle Koffler, Marketing Coordinator

Celebrate the Love and Wisdom of a Generation

“To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root.” – Chinese Proverb

Grandparents Day

They say it takes a village to raise a child. My Grandparents raised me, making them a very significant part of my “village.” My Grandpa served our country as a Marine in WWII then supported his family working for the City of San Diego. My Grandma raised four children, then took on the responsibility of raising three grandchildren. My life would not be the same without their love and wisdom.

Celebrating the difference my grandparents have made in my life

In 2004, my Grandpa passed away from lung cancer. This Grandparent’s Day, to help create awareness and prevention, I’m honoring him with a Memorial Donation to the American Lung Association. My Grandma taught me everything I know in the kitchen. Pierre’s Place, a café near my house, employs alumni of Toussaint’s Youth Villages, a residential program for teens. Profits from the café, along with my Gift Donation in her name, will help provide training for youth to succeed in the restaurant industry.

History behind the tradition

Grandparent’s Day was first celebrated nationally in 1978. Marian McQuade, a housewife in West Virginia, started it to create awareness of elderly men and women in nursing homes. She also hoped to inspire grandchildren to tap into the wisdom and heritage their grandparents could provide.

  • Learn more about the Forget Me Not program, which connects youth with seniors, and benefits both generations. It may be something you’d like to participate in!
  • Use the JustGive Guide to find the perfect cause to honor your Grandparents. Are Grandma and Grandpa tech savvy? Buy them a GiveNow charity gift card and they can choose from any of the more than 1.5 million charities on JustGive to donate to a cause they care about.

Sarah Myers
Program Manager

Share this idea with friends and family—it’s almost as sweet as Grandma’s fresh baked cookies.