It’s pretty common for parents and siblings to arrive to help with a newborn in the immediate days and weeks after a birth. However, with COVID, most families can’t see the new baby in person or fly out and stay in the new parents’ homes. So more mothers and fathers are isolated, stressed, exhausted and struggling to cope with going it alone. 

Parenting is not something that can be done in isolation.

Samantha Meltzer-Brody, MD

Here are a few  small ways you can help a neighbor or community member. COVID may restrict in-person visits and assistance, but getting and delivering groceries or supplies, texting positive messages, and calling to listen and be encouraging is something we can all do. Parents magazine also offers these five suggestions for supporting new parents in isolation. 

And, you can post on your local NextDoor site, reaching out with a specific offer to help a new mom or dad in need. 

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