COVID-19 can’t stop the music

The pandemic has sent the world into turmoil and there’s no clear sign of when (or if) life will go back to “normal.” The current challenges have no borders and every country worldwide is faced with them. Thankfully there’s one universal language—music—that’s providing calm to help with the anxiety, fear, anger and sadness. And the … Continue reading COVID-19 can’t stop the music

Connecting through (and in spite of) our masks

Now that the world is wearing masks, we are successfully mitigating health risks but quickly losing one important aspect of our lives: smiles.   The world seems a little less friendly when we’re wearing face coverings. Interactions with masks feel distant. I find it harder to read the emotional cues of other people. And with strangers, … Continue reading Connecting through (and in spite of) our masks

Humanizing COVID care

Patients are facing very isolating experiences when they are admitted into the hospital now. They have minimal human contact and physical touch from their providers and much more isolation, due to the “no visitor” rule.  And the amount of PPE required to keep a medical worker safe has created a physical barrier to the human … Continue reading Humanizing COVID care