Spontaneous Mass Homeschooling Creates Challenges, Exposes Inequities

A staggering 1 billion children around the world are now at home instead of school, and will remain there until the danger of coronavirus gets under control. Students were forced  to swap blackboards for Zoom, much to the dismay of parents now compelled to step in as surrogate teachers. The internet is flooded with homeschooling … Continue reading Spontaneous Mass Homeschooling Creates Challenges, Exposes Inequities

Connecting in New Ways

The closure of schools, workplaces and activities across the world has left us feeling detached. With millions of Americans self-quarantining for the foreseeable future, FaceTime, YouTube, Google Hangouts and Zoom have become, seemingly overnight, the gateway to today’s real life.  We can’t see anyone in person, but we can see everyone online instantly—at college lectures … Continue reading Connecting in New Ways

The Irony of Isolation: Connection

Today, many are feeling more connected than ever to their family, friends and community  It’s hard to believe the world has literally stopped.   For the first time in its history, New York City deliberately shut down its entire subway system for deep cleaning.  It doesn’t matter where you live. There’s less traffic and only essential … Continue reading The Irony of Isolation: Connection

Mother’s Day in the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Best Ways to Celebrate and Honor Mom Mother’s Day is the day to really show our appreciation for the unconditional love that our mothers give us every day . . . all year round. And let’s not forget all the chauffeuring, cooking, homework help, and endless piles of dirty dishes and laundry she takes … Continue reading Mother’s Day in the Coronavirus Pandemic

An Outbreak of Altruism

It’s easy to look around and see how the COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the worst in some people—from those hoarding thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer and fighting over toilet paper to the shocking surges in domestic violence.  Yet time and again, when we’re in crisis, individuals and communities demonstrate that the worst situations … Continue reading An Outbreak of Altruism

JustGive is coming back . . .

Cancel everything but kindness: Be a positive voice in this stressful time JustGive partnered with JustGiving a few years ago to give our donors and nonprofits a more robust technology experience. Now, JustGive is coming back and refocusing on why we started 20 years ago – to increase charitable giving. At the same time JustGive … Continue reading JustGive is coming back . . .

JustGive Joins JustGiving

Growing the world of giving with JustGiving, the world’s #1 social giving platform JustGive has joined forces with JustGiving, the world’s largest social giving platform, to help you reach more people, raise more money, and change more lives. In our effort to make giving truly global, JustGiving’s ground-breaking platform helps us grow our positive social … Continue reading JustGive Joins JustGiving

Fundraising and volunteerism: The power of reviews

A look at how GreatNonprofits reviews can help increase support for your cause and grow your nonprofit's network. Why online reviews are a big deal Smartphones, social media, and increased connectivity have made an incredible amount of information available to us anytime, anywhere. This accessibility has changed the way we make decisions as consumers. Not sure where to go … Continue reading Fundraising and volunteerism: The power of reviews

Volunteers OR Donors? Think Again.

About the author: Tess Srebro of VolunteerMatch is a Marketing & Language-Crafting Expert with a Master’s of Nonprofit Leadership and a B.A. in Public Relations. You can read more of her work at VolunteerMatch's blog for nonprofit organizations: Engaging Volunteers. Volunteer-donor hybrids are more common than you might think. This post looks at why this is the case and … Continue reading Volunteers OR Donors? Think Again.

Charity gift cards are no longer available on JustGive

As of February 2017, JustGive no longer offers charity gift cards. This means that while we still accept the redemption of existing charity gift cards (see below), JustGive no longer sells charity gift cards through its website. If you have a JustGive charity gift card whose claim code begins with “JE…”, please visit our website to … Continue reading Charity gift cards are no longer available on JustGive