The Best Ways to Celebrate and Honor Mom

Mother’s Day is the day to really show our appreciation for the unconditional love that our mothers give us every day . . . all year round. And let’s not forget all the chauffeuring, cooking, homework help, and endless piles of dirty dishes and laundry she takes care of.

It will be a Mother’s Day like no other this Sunday, as scores of people self-isolate and are forced to rethink plans with loved ones. 

With the usual brunches, dinners and family get togethers cancelled, what can you do instead to celebrate?

Whether it’s your mom, your grandma, an aunt or someone else, honoring that person might look a bit different in 2020 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.  Most of us will be sending them virtual love and gratitude. Some will be hopping on a Zoom call to see each other, catch up and share wishes. 

Even in these unusual times, there are many great ways to show Mom you care and appreciate her.

One thing that’s common for most moms is they don’t want more stuff.  They prefer memories – montages, homemade videos and heartfelt cards. Or an experience – cooking together, sharing a book or watching a movie together. Some just want the day off. A little gesture can go a long way. Time to get creative! 

For those whose Moms are no longer with us, it’s a day we can take time to write her a letter, listen to some inspirational music, and reflect on the things she taught us and how she shaped who we are. Honoring her. 

One family’s special approach to honoring their Mom who’d died gave her husband something to treasure. A uniquely printed pillow with her photo that he could hug. Keeping her memory ever close with a precious gift. 

Talk about heart warming. This daughter surprised her Mom, and touched her heart, with the tribute below.

Highlight of the Week: Mother’s Day Version

While some left cards and presents on doorsteps and others used FaceTime to catch up with their mothers this last week in the UK, Pamela Foulis, 56, went a step further. She recreated a scene from her favorite film, Love Actually, as she surprised her 83-year-old mother in Edinburgh on Sunday. (Source: The Guardian)

Challenge of the Week

This pandemic has brought out in so many of us the desire to help – Helping neighbors, helping our communities, helping medical workers we’ve never met. Mothers especially love helping. I challenge you to give her another way to do just that with a charity gift card. 

Charity gift cards work just like regular gift cards, except she chooses from more than 1.5 million charities to spend it on. She can support a special cause or local nonprofit with the card – and make the world a better place.

TisBest was founded to replace gifts of stuff with gifts of good. Making it possible to honor your Mom with something that means more this Mother’s Day. You can even upload your own image and customize the card so she’ll have a keepsake, adding a special message. Then just send it on its way. She’ll love it!

In all the ways you choose to honor Mother’s Day this year, I wish your family health and happiness!

How are you honoring Mother’s Day during the coronavirus crisis? Please share your stories, photos and videos with us! We’d love to feature them here.

– Kendall Webb, JustGive Founder and Executive Director

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