Last year, New England BioLabs (NEB) started using JustGive charity gift cards to reward employees and inspire them to embrace philanthropy. They joined the ranks of many companies who use our GiveNow cards in a variety of ways for employees and customers.

NEB was founded in the mid-1970s as a collective of scientists committed to developing innovative products for the life sciences industry. The company is now a recognized world leader in the discovery, development and commercialization of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research.

NEB’s Corporate Controller, Brian Tinger, discovered JustGive while searching for ways to make donations on behalf of employees.

“We needed a partner to help administer the process,” he said.

“The company gives JustGive Charity Gift Cards to each employee at our bonus time to encourage them to embrace philanthropy, which has always been a core value at New England BioLabs,” Tinger told us.

NEB purchases JustGive Charity Gift Cards as downloadable claim codes, and then merges each claim code, its amount and expiration date into its own communication to every employee. Employees simply visit to redeem their gift as a donation to a charity of their choice.

The idea to give charity gift cards to employees came after Tinger attended a Harvard lecture, “How to Buy Happiness,” by Michael Norton. (Norton’s also given it as a TED Talk.)

“The point of the lecture was that the act of giving is far more impactful than the act of spending money on yourself,” Tinger said.

He explained, “Our company has always been extremely generous with employee benefits, so we thought providing a charity gift card would be a perfect new concept to introduce to them. Since that time, we have also used JustGive to provide gifts to collaborators who have taken time to assist our company in scientific research and market research.”

Thanks to New England BioLabs for their support of JustGive, and for making philanthropy a part of doing good business.

Want to incorporate JustGive charity gift cards into your employee or customer program? Purchase gift cards online or contact us to find out more about how we can help.

– Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

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