At JustGive, we’re very thankful to all our users who make charity a part of their everyday life.

As a nonprofit ourselves, we work hard to efficiently manage costs so we can maximize charitable giving. Over time, the cost of processing and sending donations has increased. As a result, we need to increase our fees for JustGive.

Effective today, November 1, 2014, a flat fee of 35¢ will apply to donations made at

If you’re an individual donor who uses to make donations to your favorite charities, you don’t need to take any action. The next time you make a donation, we’ll simply deduct the 35¢ flat fee from the amount sent to the nonprofit organization(s) you support.

If you send monthly (recurring) donations through, we will apply this fee to your donation(s), starting in the month of November. If you would like to view or modify your monthly donations, log in to Your Donor Account.

If you are a nonprofit organization that uses JustGive’s custom links or buttons to drive donations, this new 35¢ flat fee does not apply to donations made through your custom JustGive links or buttons. Fees stay the same for donations made through our nonprofit links.

We appreciate your understanding about this necessary change. Together, we’ll continue making a difference.

Thank you for giving,

The JustGive Team

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