Life in the nonprofit world is often hectic. Nonprofit employees are often asked to do more with less, to wear the proverbial many different hats. JustGive is no different: every day, our energetic and creative team members jump in to help make the organization run. They do it because they believe that the nonprofits we support are making a difference and that our mission to increase charitable giving is an important one.

As JustGive celebrates its tenth anniversary, we asked staff to step back and reflect on their work with JustGive and the causes that motivate them to do more each day.

Kim Applegate, Technical Engineer

Joined JustGive in 2003

Seven years ago, Kim Applegate, an Engineer at JustGive, was looking for a position outside of the corporate world, that had a purpose other then profit and that was supportive of her family life. She found all these things at JustGive.

“The best part about my job is seeing the enormous generosity of our donors,” says Kim. “I am always encouraged by the wide range of people that have become part of the donation process for no other purpose then to help others.”


Jill Cohen, Build and Application Engineer

Joined JustGive in 2009

Jill Cohen, an Engineer at JustGive, joined JustGive because she wanted a job with a company whose mission she could get excited about and believe in. “Working at JustGive and supporting our online platform gives me great satisfaction in that we have the ability to reach a wide audience and help a variety of charitable organizations,” Jill says.

Some of her favorite charity organizations are ones she has volunteered with. “I love working with animals. Locally, I support the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society and, in Costa Rica, the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary Foundation, states Jill. “As an avid nature lover and rock climber, I volunteer at Yosemite National Park.”


Kelly Lloyd, Program Manager

Joined JustGive in 2007

Kelly Lloyd, Program Manager, first came to JustGive in the fall of 2007, after desperately seeking a way out of the for-profit world and into the nonprofit arena. She thought JustGive was a good fit. Three years later, she is a happy member of the JustGive family.

“One of the many things that has kept me at JustGive is the dedication of the team,” says Kelly.  “Like many families, although we may disagree or have heated discussion, it all comes down to the fact that we want to do our best to continue to carry out the mission of JustGive.

“It’s very hard for me to pick a favorite cause—there are so many! One organization that has inspired me lately is Immigration Equality, a charity that addresses the widespread discriminatory impact of immigration laws on the lives of lesbians, gay men, and people with HIV through education, outreach, advocacy and direct legal services,” Kelly states.

Kelly’s Charity of Choice: IMMIGRATION EQUALITY

Roxanne Gentile, Director of Technology

Joined JustGive in 2005

After joining JustGive in 2005, Roxanne Gentile, Director of Technology, reflects, “Growing and sustaining technology products presents myriad challenges, but at the end of the day, I can always know, regardless the hurdles, that what we’re doing matters and makes a broadly-felt difference.”

“It’s wonderful to put professional energy into a product with JustGive’s impact,” she states. “This work is ultimately satisfying in both work and life. Thank you Kendall and JustGive!”

Roxanne’s Charity of Choice: RAPHAEL HOUSE OF SAN FRANCISCO

We’ll share more of our staff’s stories and favorite charities over the next as we continue to celebrate!

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