For many of us, graduation was a long time ago. But if you know a graduating senior you can see something in his or her eyes that you’ll still recognize. It’s the dream to make a unique impact on the world.

Graduation is a time for new beginnings, filled with hopes and dreams for the future. For many those dreams include changing the world, whether their impact occurs in the rebuilding of Haiti, like our champions from Naples High School, or locally—like a graduating senior dedicated to helping local kids and families affected by the economy.

For a generation on the cusp of change, the perfect gift can be a challenging find. Why not celebrate their momentous achievement with a message of hope and joy through our GiveNow charity gift card.

No matter their dreams you can help start your new grad on the path of lifetime of giving. Most don’t have the ability to be a force as individual donors, but the ways they start to interact with social causes now will help define how they will give in the future. According to a recent survey, when asked who could inspire them to donate, 75% said they would give if asked by a family member and over 60% said a friend.

A donation to the charity that your graduate chooses can be a powerful way to recognize their dreams and show how much you respect their choices. This generation has already shown they are ready to serve the causes they believe in, providing over a billion hours of volunteer service to our nation’s communities.

For as little as $10, your graduate can begin to change the world. The perfect way to say congratulations!

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