From favors to registries, ways for anyone to give back for that special day

Charitable Weddings Visit

Eight years ago when my soon-to-be wife and I were planning our wedding, we thought long and hard about how our wedding could reflect who we are and the love we share.

Like many engaged couples, we found a beautiful site—overlooking the confluence of two rivers. We involved our families and even took a painstaking amount of time finding just the right poem for the ceremony. But we weren’t able to share one important part of our lives: giving back.

I Do Foundation was founded for couples like my wife and me who want to make charity a part of their wedding. Backed by the work of organizations like I Do and JustGive, the trend of charitable weddings has grown by leaps and bounds—nearly 20% of engaged couples explored giving back last year.Celebrate Green

By joining forces this past November, I Do and JustGive became the most comprehensive charitable wedding source for brides, grooms, and their guests. As the unparalleled leader in helping people create socially conscious affairs, we’re committed to helping you and your guests to give back and go green at weddings.

Planning a Socially Conscious Wedding

Together, we offer engaged couples the largest variety of free services at In addition to personalized wedding websites and comprehensive tips on socially-conscious and green weddings, we help soon-to-wed couples raise money for charity in a variety of ways:

  • Gift Registries that Give Back: Create gift registries with major retail partners, and receive up to 10% back for the charity of choice.
  • Wedding Favors for Charity: In place of traditional favors, make charitable donations to honor guests.
  • Charity Registry Create a Charity Registry and allow guests to make donations in lieu of traditional gifts. (With more than 1.5 million charities on site, it’s a cinch to find ones that matter to you.)
  • Shopping for Change: Purchase invitations, honeymoons, rings and other services through I Do Foundation and generate donations for charity with each purchase.

Tools like these mean that we can look forward to the time when someone returns from a wedding, and people ask: “Who was the best man? What color were the bridesmaids’ dresses? And what was the couple’s charity?

As I look back on my wedding day, the sun was shining and my bride blushingly beautiful, but I do wish I Do Foundation had existed then. Sharing a part of the celebration with charity would have made our wedding day even more meaningful and personal.

Know someone getting married? Share how to plan a charitable wedding with them, or send them to the I Do website!

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