Mine is next month. Instead of an expensive dinner and flowers, or jewelry that will sit in a box, when friends and family ask, “What can we give you this year?” I tell them what I really want are GiveNow charity gift cards.

Gift cards give me the freedom to choose the charities I want. At a time when so many need a little extra help, the best present is one that lets me give back to others. The animal adoption organization I volunteer for was recently raising funds for a kitten to have surgery to make her healthy enough for adoption. With GiveNow cards I can give throughout the year to projects that need it most.

As summer winds down and you’re getting together with friends and families—building sandcastles at the beach, enjoying a BBQ in the backyard, or listening to a concert at the park—you may be celebrating someone’s birthday too. Or an anniversary or wedding. Or you may just want to thank your host in a special way. For any of these occasions or reasons, JustGive’s GiveNow charity gift cards are a great choice.

And right now, it’s a hot gift that comes with some cool saving. Through the end of August, you can Buy one charity e-card and you’ll get each additional one free!

Summer Sale

This special JustGive summer offer and a new selection of e-cards for every occasion and cause make it easy to select the perfect gift. Saving you money ($2 on each additional card) while giving your recipients the freedom to choose their favorite charity.

Pass it along: Tell a friend how to give a hot gift and enjoy cool savings while making the charity choice.

– Sarah Myers, Program Manager

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