100 Million

I joined JustGive two years ago. With my Social Work degree, I was looking for a position with growth potential in an organization that created change. Today, I not only give more financially, but I’m more active in my community—recruiting friends for beach clean ups, and volunteering weekly for the animal shelter. I love being part of a team (through work and volunteering) that is passionate about helping charity make change in the world.

This month, I’m thrilled to announce a huge milestone for JustGive—we’ve sent more than $100 million to over 60,000 charities in the past 10 years. Thanks to the generosity of thousands of donors like you, together, we have made a difference!

Our founder, Kendall Webb, proudly commented, “Given today’s economy and the growing need, this milestone makes us personally and professionally proud! It’s very rewarding to know we’ve helped so many charities by creating new channels of giving. We know that online giving is making a difference and are committed to continuing to design powerful and easy-to-use tools and services for the greatest good . . . conveniently connecting donors to charities and helping charities raise more support for their valuable work.”

A few real life examples of how your donations have helped…

The Gathering Place is a Denver-based charity helping homeless women and their children. Using JustGive’s donate now button, they have raised more than $35,000—allowing them to provide nutritious meals, health and legal services for thousands of women they would not have otherwise had what they needed to move their lives forward.

Menlo Park’s Hope Ethiopia has raised over $54,000 to support several mission organizations where there is a great need and a few dollars can go a long way in making someone’s life better. They are providing scholarships for children to attend school, and support and training for women coming out of commercial sex trade, helping them develop marketable skills.

These are just two examples of how online giving through JustGive has made a difference.

Life is full of milestones, big and small. Owning your first car. Graduating from college. Buying a home. Starting a family. I’m so proud to be a part of JustGive and to reach this significant milestone through the work we do—making a difference, online, by effectively connecting individuals and the charities they care about.  And I’m inspired and motivated to achieve more! Join me and tell a friend about JustGive. Together, we’ll continue to create change in the world through charity.

— Sarah Myers, program manager

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