This Saturday at 8:30 p.m. people around the world will turn off their lights for an hour.  Earth Hour is just one reminder of environmental challenges we’re facing. Awareness has gone mainstream – terms like “eco-chic” and “light green living” inspire more of us to be conscious of the way our lives impact the environment.

Does this mean I drive a hybrid and eat only organic locally grown food? No. But I’m making (and advocating!) easy, every-day changes that reduce my impact on this planet. Being “green” is as easy as using reusable grocery bags, switching to energy efficient light bulbs, and checking out your local farmers market. We’ve come a long way from just making sure the soda cans get tossed in the blue bin.

While we take the steps we can, larger companies are getting creative and taking action too. JustGive has partnered with two companies that have a long-standing commitment to the environment – Marriott and Aveda. Their programs make it easy for all of us to make a bigger difference as we go about our daily business.

• Marriott is reducing its own carbon footprint by designating $2 million to protect the Juma rainforest preserve in Brazil. Help reduce the impact of your next stay at a Marriott by donating $10– your online contribution will help offset the emissions of a 10-night stay. Learn more.

• Aveda is taking steps to make clean water available to everyone – literally. During the week of Earth Day, April 22nd, salons and spas around the world are participating in a 6k walk to raise awareness and funds for clean water organizations. Find your local Aveda registry page, get involved, and make a donation to support their efforts.

If you’d like to make a donation in support of other environmental actions, JustGive makes it easy, gives you a convenient way to find the cause you care most about and offers a carbon-free way to make the donation—online. When we take responsibility for our actions today, we create a world of good for tomorrow.

Pass it on… share this email and remind others to take steps for a better tomorrow.

– Sarah, Program Manager at JustGive

One thought on “Easy Ways To Live A Little Greener

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