It’s that time of the year again – one last BBQ in the park, one last sandcastle the sea will wash away, one last s’mores by the campfire. Years after the exams are graded and the jeans are outgrown, education is a lasting gift we can give all children, to make a difference in their lives, the community, and the world.

The education we give our kids today directly impacts the quality of every aspect of our daily lives – doctors to find a cure for cancer, teachers to inspire future generations, politicians to create social change, entrepreneurs to develop new businesses. Even if you don’t have children, the education of the younger generation impacts us all.

JustGive is proud to partner with corporations that give back in a big way

Our corporate sponsor, Oracle is working with CARE to help disadvantaged children in Guatemala and India overcome barriers to education. The program is giving students-who might otherwise remain unschooled-access to math, science and technology lessons, as well as helping them build knowledge, confidence and self-esteem. Oracle’s $1 million gift, combined with CARE’s expertise in education and vast knowledge of local economic and cultural realities, is enabling nearly 20,000 children from these two countries to better their lives and the communities in which they live.

Need another reason to be inspired?

He put his hands on Haji Ali’s shoulders, as the old man had done to him dozens of times since they’d shared their first cup of tea. “I’m going to build you a school,” he said, not yet realizing that with those words, the path of his life had just detoured down another trail. “I will build a school,” Mortenson said. “I promise.”

If you keep up with the New York Times best sellers, you might recognize this excerpt from Three Cups of Tea, an inspirational book by Greg Mortenson. Dedicated to promoting community-based education, especially for girls in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan, Greg founded the Central Asia Institute. Before a project starts, the community matches Central Asia Institute project funds with equal amounts of local resources and labor. Such commitment ensures the project’s viability and long term success.

Members of a Bay Area book club, the “Blue Stalkings,” were so inspired after reading Three Cups of Tea; they plan to give the gift of charity to further Mortensen’s work this holiday instead of exchanging gifts with each other.

Ready to make a difference in a child’s life to ensure the well-being of yours?

Little changes can make a big difference. By making dinner at home instead of eating out one night a week, you can save $50 a month. Turn that savings into a $50 monthly recurring donation to your local PTA or an organization like Donors Choose.

Your weekly spaghetti night makes a difference to children that will change the world.

Interested in supporting libraries or special education? You can find a complete list of charities focused on Education in the JustGive Guide.

Want to spread the word? Tell a friend.

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